10 People WE can’t live without?

I’m not a genius but I know there is about 8 billion people in the world. In our lives, we only get to encounter the smallest minority of all the wonderful and insightful people there are to meet-it’s unfortunate but we make the most of whom we cherish. 

I believe there is nothing more gratifying than the connections and relationships we build with other people, nobody wants to be lonely. Not when there are memories to make, secrets to share, ideas to develop, jokes to be heard, love to be exchange and trust to render you secure in these relationships.

This is just a quick list of the people I esteem the most important in my life…

  1. Those you motivate you to be a better person 
  2. Those people who can pull you out of a dark place and show you the light ahead
  3. The ones who you call at 3am after an argument or heartache and they are the remedy
  4. Those who make you laugh uncontrollably
  5. Those who have been through the most but use the wisdom to help others
  6. The crazy and spontenious one who never fails to surprise you 
  7. The food lover, the one you can pig out with and brawl with over the last cookie
  8. The one who knows what you’re thinking and feeling without having to ask
  9. Those who are reliable and there for you when you need them 
  10. And finally, those ones who remind you that you are as equally as special to them 

We are a humans who thrive in each others company, we are better connected and I haven’t met all of those people I have described but I am sure they are out there waiting to meet me in the same way I await their encounter… Which type are you? 



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