The Last Hurdle… Waiting For Payday 😩

“Look i will pay you back promise”… The biggest lie ever told. 

If there is ONE thing we are ALL good at… It’s spending money. 

That moment when you anxiously check on your bank balance and you are faced with the reality of your deficits. It gets so bad you can’t even afford a pack of gum, that means no kissing till the end of the month. But where does it all go? We get that juicy wad of cash at the beginning of the month and for me, and maybe you, it’s like a spirit possess me and indoctrinates me with advertisements…

Dominos: TwoforTuesday, this one gets me all the time, my appetite consumes my dollar 

Has it ever gotten so bad you consider the extreme solution, these are some of mine…

  1. Sell my organs
  2. Loan companies
  3. Robbing a bank
  4. Become a surrogate
  5. And let’s not forget the “I’ll just be a stripper or hooker”

Number 5 Didn’t turn out dreadfully for Julia Roberts (contemplates)

 I’m sure we can all relate when I state, the last week of the month is a long, feckless, poverty ridden week which you cannot wait to be done with so you can actually afford to live- I must confess right now I am feeling the pinch, it has gotten to a point that I have lost my card but there is not enough in my account to care about finding or replacing it!

My parents relent at me, “be more careful and start saving girl!” And my reply is always the same… I see, I want, I spend there’s no stopping me. 



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