My Blackout Trauma

Television filling in the silence, idle chatter warming the house and lights illuminating the rooms like a 70’s ballroom.

This is how I would like my house to be every night time, it’s warming but most of all… It is familiar. 

Then the whole street just gave up and all races of energy evaporated into nothingness and silence, my house was silent. Do you know when you feel as if there is a stranger in the house so you shower with the door open or you have the emergency services tapped into your phone-preparing for the worst. I think the most relatable example I can give you guys is the frantic run up the stairs feeling an evil spirt chasing after you as if you were the last bit of food in the whole wide world!

The only light I had was this feeble candle. Missing out the descriptives, last night when my house lost power at about 11:30pm I felt as if I returned to the Medieval  times. My phone was on its last dregs and my parents were out(useless)…. Honestly I thought it was a Purge of some sort. 


I abandoned my skin, there was a skeleton and then there was my flesh… I grabbed my hairdryer (the only accessible item) and went down stairs, I actually felt quite heroic but at the same time like one of those stupid girls who walk straight into danger knowing it isn’t going to end well. I get to the kitchen and see a dark shadow in the distance. I knew something was there. I closed the door and waited outside of it (breath Demi, breath). I sat there for like 2 hours shivering in my own cold blanket of fear -just rocking back and forth waiting for my abrupt demise.

Eventually the power returned, not only did the light illuminate my abode but it infused comfort and security in me. I still had a problem. A problem in thekitchen, finding some Dutch courage I open the door…

Long story short, it was a my little brothers transformer thing which was masked rather hideously by the dark… But the bang is not yet accounted for, sleeping that night was not easy.



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