7 Reasons I LOVE being a Girl…



  1. I love beauty products; sometimes I picture it as though my face is a canvas and I get to create who I wanna be 
  2. Girly sleepovers; having pillow fights to making cute cupcakes it is all good fun
  3. The element of surprise; girls can be underestimated so I like to defy expectations
  4. The clothes; I love the clothes! There are so many styles and my favourite being dresses and heels!
  5. The Free Dinners; well you’re not really going to pay for your first date are you?
  6. The treatment; sometimes you get a door held open for you…
  7. Because this is how I was born, so I love me. 

Of course! These are only a few reasons why I love being a girl, but my point it we should embrace who we are and love the person we can choose to be… I’d chose being a girl at all costs!



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