The Dating Deficency?💕

“Oh my, he took her TGI’s and I can’t even get a text back” – a close friend 

Is it totally an unreasonable proposition to brand our society as one which has a dating deficiency ? 

How many times have you thought “damn it, not even a dinner date!” I’m so caught up on tradition and romantic movies, especially those super cheesy ones that have you in tears start to finish. The Notebook and Kleenex probably have a business contract devised because there must have been a correlation between the success of both of them… Me personally? I drenched at least a 100 man sized Kleenex with my pitiful tears. 

I have had good guys and bad guys and believe me when I stress, I’d give anything to have a balance of the both and I’m sure it is vice versa with guys but love is not a box of chocolates… You can’t just pick out the best ones until you are left with the Turkish Delight… It doesn’t work that way, if it did… I wouldn’t be writing the blog.

There are so many idealic love stories out there, the new Cinderella is heart wrenching, we know they are dramatised for our own pleasures but what is there to say that is not how it could be? 

I am so sick of hearing “it only happens in the movies” … And who’s fault is that? Ours! The reason I think we are scared of dating is because it means getting to know someone with clothes on. They cover their sex appeal with classy clothes and charm you with their smile, eyes and cologne. I am a sucker for a seductive cologne. 

Imagine not getting a text saying “Ay baby girl, let me sex you up” (from my own experience) and actually having this arrive in the post…

HAHAHAHAHAHAH granted, that is some cheesy Romeo and Juliet kind of thing but still, you get my point…

We need to step up our dating game, big time… Anything worth having is worth working for ❤️😍😏



5 thoughts on “The Dating Deficency?💕

  1. I can’t say I’ve been in many relationships in college but one thing I do know is that you get whatever you put in. Sometimes movies do glamorize relationships into being these fairy tales that we think don’t exist…but they do. I guess a person just has to be ready for his or her own fairytale(believe it or not guys do think about this stuff).

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  2. I’m pretty sure we totally have the same opinion on this stuff and while effort is important, sometimes I feel like not only do we hold back but with technology it’s almost expected!

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