REAL LIFE Mean girls…”shake it off”

Real life mean girls… “Shake em off!”

“Tired of being a victim of hate?” Michael Jackson 

EVERYWHERE has their fair share of ‘Mean Girls”. No matter how old you are, you can still be subjected to the torments of the infamous mean girl who dominates the school halls in her stiletto heels, projecting a perfume of -my favourite scent, bully.

    Mean girls are everywhere, the work place, the school cafeteria or even just outside your house. But what do we do? Throwing it back a little while, When I was about 11 I was branded the ‘germ’ of the year… It still hurts me to recall this memory but I won’t be haunted by the past. The girls who so complexly devised this new name for me were the epitome of Heathers. They had it going on! Their own little play dates, a secret Santa system and regular invitations to kiss chase with the boys. I envied them. I loved them because I wanted to be them but I hated them because they made me feel so empty, worthless and germ like that I began to hate myself.

Thankfully, secondary school got ALOT better for me, probably because I did a Hanna Merin and lost a lot of weight, but I didn’t do it for them. I did it for me, I wanted to feel comfortable in my own skin and being recognised and even liked made me feel like the past years were just a distant memory and it was the future I had to look forward to. What I did learn was that bullies have no power and you should never give into the temptation to slander someone to fuel your own ego or insecurities. 

How many times has someone made you feel like you don’t matter? Like your existence is unnoticed and in all fairness you are NOTHING. For me it was a little too often, but now I hate myself for giving them the satsifcation of my caring. Here’s what to do my victims of hate!

You shake those haters off! A person can only have power over you if you provide it. Think of the mean girls standing on top of a pile of Jenga. It is the power block, but if you slowly move the blocks out which in this care are representative for how many poos you give then you will see that that perfect, pretty, powerful mean girl starts to tumble and with the blocks you take, you build your own tower. But this tower is of self love and confidence which has a lot stronger foundations than that of a bully and it will render you strong. 

We should never let anyone make us feel like we are nothing, we are everything. We have the ability to make a change and if you don’t see it at first someone else will…

I remember my teacher telling me “Demi, you don’t see the ripple of happiness you create on those around you, you only see the dark” – not only is she my favourite teacher but someone who made me realise I’m not who other people make me- 8years on from being the class germ and my life is beautiful and I love waking up in the morning because I have so much goodness to look forward to and my inability to care about the mean girls really really really infuriates them and satisfies me.
Remember, you can only be who you want to be… Think about that next time Brenda Bully tugs your hair or sends you hate texts if your mean girl is anything like Ali. 

Who’s your favourite movie mean girl?




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