Dreaded Pavement Hoggers!!

Have you ever been in such a hurry that you just wish and pray for a convient journey to wherever it is you need to go? 

I’m a last minute girl and usually don’t give myself enough time to complete my journey with time to spare, I cut it closer than a male model shave his beard. My pet peeve is the pavement hoggers, I just think to myself why me? Why does this have to happen to me?- in all fairness I should probably leave at a earlier time  because I know this will happen, it’s inevitable. However, it doesn’t mean I’m any less annoyed.

This morning, hectically charging down the pavement like a manic monster but feeling quite chill in myself, I had a good breakfast, I liked my outfit, the sun was gratifying… It looked as though I was going to have a good day! Oh boy, was I wrong? Of course. I feel as though I was playing chicken with everyone on the pavement.

Before I continue, let me provide 4 criteria for the pavement hogger…

  1. You cannot walk in a straight line and you swerve everywhere
  2. You deliberately stand in the middle of the pavement 
  3. You excess baggage is just added obstacles 
  4. You walk slow and undirected

There is probably a more concise criteria but these are mine. I just wanted to get to sixth form, and I played chicken with about 1000000 people, I even ended up walking in the road at one point whilst being laughed at because I backed down from the rodeo stand off.

Sometimes I just wish I had one of these bad boys… You’d move out the way then wouldn’t you!

It’s not even limited to pavements, school corridors are a mosh pit without the music and drunk people. Honestly, if I had it my way I’d plough you all out the way and I may never be late again. This is just one of my pet peeves I thought about sharing. If you are a pavement hogger don’t take offence, if you’re someone who shares in this horror just know I feel your pain! 

One day, I might be a pavement hogger and swing all my bags about, walking as if I am on a spiral maze and slightly intoxicated making it mission impossible for others to get past me… Have a taste of your own medicine.



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