Why Instagram IS Marmite…


We are all familiar with the “you either love it, or hate it” motto. It has become a catchphrase that can be applied universally to all polorized situations. For me, Instagram is one! I’m sure you will agree with some of my reasoning later on. But let me be frank, I love and loathe Instagram, it is my marmite, having said that my split attitude towards the site does not actually have an impact on my profilic use of it! Who can resist a good snap?

The expectation of beauty…

These Victoria Secret Models are flawless, I’m actually drooling at my screen right now whilst questioning as to why my legs are not as long as theirs?!  Adriana Lima is practically staring into my soul- I love and hate that. But back on topic, I envy that no matter how much work I put into myself and once I have taken a semi-postable picture I see pictures likes these and think “quick, delete it you sloth!” But I can’t deny, I appreciate their beauty, the put a lot of work into it and I admire the lengths they go to. But still, my becoming a Victoria Secret Model is as likely as me becoming President of the United States- I actually think I stand a better chance as president! 

The food…

After seeing a body perfect model I seek consolation in food porn. I reason why I love love LOVE Instagram is because of accounts like this. Do I even need to offer an explanation? Can you not already taste the abundance of flavours swimming in your mouth? Although the shake doesn’t look to good, but I am a good baker, so accounts  like these remind me that Instagram can offer inspiration and marketing which is always beneficial. When I make a good 3-Tier you best be sure I am posting it after I’ve slaved over the frosting.

The eye candy…

This is the reason I am single. Yes I’m aware the chances of me marrying a smoking hot Italian are slim to none but my expectations are a lot higher than they were before I joined Instagram. I loathe Instagram in this sense because I’m single and I want to blame anything or anyone but myself. So Instagram. You are taking the blame for this! I think I’m single because i am walking around Tesco looking for a replica of Mariano Divao and it is just not a feasible conquest… Never say never.

The social life…

  When I have a week of sitting down with Netflix, munchies and a few friends. I feel content I do, I love movies and company but when faced with comparison of teenagers with money I start to feel a little feckless. They are my age aswell this is what bemuses me. They are 18-22 and have done all that I have wanted to do in a life time and they’ve done it in a year.  But I can’t say really this is something I loathe. I mean, it’s something to look at and feel motivated. Sure I probably won’t reach the extent of their lavish lifestyle, but I can sure as hell try! With means that I hope to procure by working hard and the motivation to live out my dream I am sure that one day I will too visit beautiful places and for a moment, just a moment, life a carefree existence. 

The networking…

   This is an unspecific example, but I love the ability social networking sites have the connect people from all over the world on one social platform. It’s like a massive photo party which we can share, appreciate and like. I come across the most bizarre and fancinating photos of things I didn’t even know existed. I found out that Japan had hot saunas outside in rivers and lakes due to the volcanic activity-I’d sure love a dip in that river! Not to mention the ALS challenge. What I brilliant way to market a charity, I participated with new knowledge of what ALS was and I was amazed at how it became such a mass movement. A reason I love Instagram is because it can raise awareness.

And of course, the humour…

I laughed out loud the first time I posted this, I love Instagram because it can be so hilaric that actually it had changed my disposition to wretched to happy. I know that you may thing the humour is sometimes brutal and yes, I agree. However, some posts really do capture humour which is so important because it provides common ground from all of us around the world. We all have laugher in common and what is more beautiful and positive than focusing on the things that aid you happy than leave you miserable. 

Laughter is a language we all speak, exploit it! 



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