Why I hunger to travel!

If only I could turn around and say “believe me, travelling is the greatest” and that actually the picture above really was my camera roll. On days like this, when the sun dominates the sky and feeds your spirits with happiness (or vitamin D) I’m forced to remember I live in reality and not my dream.

I endeavour to travel the world in my years to come. It is something that has always had a gravity for me, I love nature enough as it is, so to travel and marvel at the wonders the world encompasses, I literally can’t restrain myself, it is a must! There are many reasons why people travel…

  1. Vacations 
  2. Business
  3. Travel writing
  4. Touring
  5. Food
  6. Photography 
  7. Art and culture
  8. To learn something

But for me, no one reason is better than another, to feel purely gratified by what the world has to offer reveals an appreciative nature that we possess. It is only natural to want to immerse yourself within new cultures and societies and meet the greatest people you are yet to encounter. The reasons that appeal to me the most are academic, social and personal. I love learning, I currently study English literature, History, Philosophy and Ethics, each of which have really broadended my perception of the world. There is some much to learn and to ask and create that I honestly couldn’t imagine myself confined to one place-it would be as frustrating as sitting in glass enclosure, although immune to risk and other negative things, i would be frustrated at my own complacency and passivity to the world.

I want to travel to meet new people, learn about their culture and actually become a part of it. Right now, I could picture myself in Italy. My hair is tied up but loose enough to feel the crisp breeze travel though welcoming me to this unfamiliar region, my clothes are lose, my spirits high and my mind open. I smell food. Not just any food my favourite, lasagna. After devouring a plate of a succulent beef, cheesy and Al dente Lasange I return to the cobbled streets and continue the rest of my day. Thinking of that makes me feel sad that in about 1hour I will probably have chicken nuggets and chips, but hey! It’s a unversal lazy day dish and I am feeling pretty lazy today.

I don’t want to consume you with more of my food desires but travelling is something I think all should consider, I know I haven’t done it myself, but I am motivated to do so in the future. I think my purpose on earth it to explore and write about the most while exhilarating, vibrant, tranquil and welcoming experiences I have hopefully had in my life. Some people would argue travel is a waste of time, especially now we have the access to escapism through films and the Internet but is reading about making a cake really the same as making a cake?

When talking with a number of my friends today about travelling, it was abit of a mixed boat but we all agreed that the experiences and memories are infinite and would last forever and would deem the most exciting stories for the future. We also agreed the best way would not to be in style. I’d like to really get to grips with my surroundings and try to live the way in which a resident would and this is more likely to render you successful in becoming culturally aware what is going on! 

These are my 10 reasons I want to travel

  1. There is so much good food to be eaten
  2. There are so many people to meet
  3. I need a stack of selfies outside of landmarks
  4. Potentially learn a language 
  5. Pick up a new skill such as surfing or even pizza making 
  6. The beaches and endless sun proving I’m in the right place for it!
  7. The lack of mundane responsibilities
  8. To give something back, people could learn from me as I would then
  9. Become more acquainted with the types of cultures out there
  10. To have a blast!

Behind these reasons is a massive crater left for spontaneity. What is better than the unexpected especially when it aids you in being happy and cheerful? Even more, the failures or potential dangers of travel could deem a kill joy but isn’t there usually light at the end of the tunnel? 

If I had the money, right now I would pack my case and be gone.

But I can wait… Meaning when the time does come to introduce myself to the world I’ll be ready, vaccinated and pumped!



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