PLOT TWIST: Camel decides to kidnap young girl

                                              “Get on the camel” she said “It will be fun” she said 

I don’t suppose any of you have ever been kidnapped by a camel? No? Me neither- well I mean it was only 2 minutes max! 

Throwing it back to my travels to Eygpt I remember my camel ride with such clarity that I have to pinch ones self to ensure I am actually where I am meant to be.

Excuse the physical appearance, I assure you that is not the problem here, I looked quite contented but I’m masking the nerves and the sense of foreboding really well. For those of you who have embarked upon a journey to Eygpt I’m sure you’ve been met with the phrase “I’ll trade you in for a camel” or something along the lines of that I assume. Nevertheless, I’ve always pictured myself wrapped in silks whilst projecting a sun kissed tan on the back of a graceful camel trekking over the white, sandy and vast beauty of Eygpt. That’s not what happened-believe me, I was catch fished by that illusion.

Me and my mum pondered the high street avoiding all who seemed to have masses of merchandise hoarded in their garments and keeping ourselves to ourselves. Then, in the distance, we spot a longed legged animal with two humps on its back- yes I’m talking about a camel. What a opportune moment to tick of a bucket list entry with the means and motivation we purchased individual rides on the camel and all was good. Until Callum camel (seems a suiting name) decides he wants to reenact Bonnie and Clyde with me and runs away from my mother on the ground chasing wildly after us and exerts all force to reach where ever he was going.

I had never felt so impotent, the guy behind me bellowed of laughter and I hope he was yelling words of reassurance but in all honesty, with blood pumping up to my ears, a feeling of suffocation and his prodominat regional accent, I had no idea what he was telling me or commanding Callum. This must have happened in a very short time span as I did not evade my mum that easily she was here one moment then gone. But the fear instilled in me really did render me weak and helpless. Now when I look back on it, I laugh because from a spectators perspective, there’s a small girl looking petrified, a woman chasing a camel and a man on a camel roaring of laughter… What a scene! But all things come to an end, my camel driver (who was definitly unqualified) regained control and apologised for the shock. I literally leaped off the camel and waited for a sweaty and exhausted mother to return in rage and moments later we found ourselves eating ice cream… In silence… Processing the events.

Word to the wise, camel riding is not fun and if you do decide to ride a camel inquire about the escape exits.



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