Did Universal studios live up to my expectations?

My expectations were built upon on a foundation of love for Harry Potter, intrigue into the world of creative design and the overal thrill of magic Universal Studios could make a possibility- plus my friend, prior to my trip, informed me of the ’10/10 fudge’ that they sold. So I literally had my heart and tummy gravitating towards Orlando.

I still remember my dads feeble attempt to drive this massive car, which to my delight gave me an obscene amount of leg room, down the roads towards the studios. I had my sunscreen on, camera at the ready and money bulging from my purse (it didn’t last long) screaming “you’re a wizard Demi, get a wand”.  I entered the park and was immediately frustrated by my own incompetence and excitement. I don’t know whether it was the heat or my itching impatience but I could not for the life of me fathom the map of the park and all I knew was that I wanted to do some spells and drink butter bear. Adding to my frustration, I saw masses of witches and wizards flamboyantly parading their new attire around the park… Honestly, I just wanted to accio wand, map, fudge and cloak. 

Remembering that I was fortunate and unsurprised by my typical Demi behaviour I composed myself. Plus I felt my dads eyes burn into the back of my neck literally warning me to get a grip of myself. But in all fairness, I was probably still jet lagged and I had a blister, it wasn’t my best of days. 

ANYWAY… I made it. I got to Hogsmead and oh my goodness, a spirit of divine intervention possessed me and I just ran up to the castle in the most undignified manner and stood there in awe. Have you ever saw something so beautiful that you just halt. Take a deep breath and really focus on the movement that you’re living? That’s what I did. I want to applaud those who worked tirelessly to build and design the castle, really, it could be attributed to magic. On reaching the entry, a park attendant so generously allowed me and my equally as excited sister through the fast-track lane and we got to our ride within minutes. Skipping the 3minetues of Magic… universal studios really did live up to my expectations. I’m not saying I’m usually judgemental or skeptical about things but really, what I imagined was brought to life and I got to share this experience with my family whom I love dearly and I know that I made memories in that park which still alight dinner time conversations.

I think it only right to mention the fudge. My friend was right, 3 blocks of fudge later, I messaged her thanking her for the suggestion. M&M fudge and Rocky Road fudge were creamy heavens that ignited your senses and made you forget about all the bad things you’ve ever had the misfortune of eating in life, for me it’s cauliflower, it was a distant memory. For those of you whom intend on visiting Orlando studios let my opinion be of some credibility.

Although I have not mentioned about 90% of the wonders of the park, I leave its magic leave to your imaginations and for you to experience them through a first hand perception. I can only assure you that no expectation is too high when your surroundings, enjoyment, food and company are all perfect. I do however have one complaint, the butterbeer was super sickly, but I drank it because you know $4 really pinched me after the spending spree inside The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter.

In terms of the rides, no language would be sufficent in descriptions the rush and thrill I got. It’s a personal and sensory memory which I hope all those who want to, get to experience it and feel as appreciative and grateful for such things as I do.

Enjoy, live and ride!



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